Integrate AIHR training into your LMS

Up-skill your HR organization through your existing Learning Management System. AIHR’s connector seamlessly integrates our courses with 99% of enterprise LMS systems.

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Fully integrated learning experience

AIHR seamlessly integrates into third party learning management systems (LMS). This way our training and learning journeys can greatly enhance an integrated learning environment.
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Our content controller supports all widely used standards of learning content used by Learning Management Systems (LMS). This means that AIHR content can be fully integrated with 99% of enterprise LMS systems enabling your people to learn within your own secure ecosystem and without requiring them to set up a new account externally.

Supported standards

SCORM 2004 3rd edition

Why integrate AIHR into your LMS?

Full user-management control and analytics
Integrated experience within your (branded) ecosystem
Always the latest content through daily updates
No hassle with external login credentials

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