Personlized journeys for maximum impact

Individuals have different skill levels and learning needs. Personalized learning journeys maximize application into the workplace by taking the individual’s unique situation into account.

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Creating custom learning journeys

We will design learning journeys for your organization based on the specific personas or capabilities that you want to develop. After finalizing the journeys, an entry-assessment will help people start the journey that best matches their current skill level and learning needs.

Browse the (simplified) examples below to get an idea of what learning journeys can look like.
AIHR Learning Journeys Design process

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HR Business Partner up-skilling

journey of connected circles with icons

Digital HR for CoEs

journey of connected circles with icons

HR Analytics for CoEs

journey of connected circles with icons

If you are looking for more detailed examples or would like to discover what the journeys for your people could look like, book a free demo with our sales team. Or click here to request a price quote.

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