HR Skills 2025 Framework

Upskill and reskill your HR team for high impact

Transform HR from a service provider into a pro-active driver of business performance by equiping your HR people with the skills needed to thrive in the digital era.

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of HR professionals do not think that they have the skills needed to thrive in a digital HR environment

The HR skills 2025 framework

The HR skills 2025 Framework is designed to transform HR from a reactive service provider into a pro-active driver of business performance. Through reskilling and upskilling corporate HR professionals with the latest and hard to find skillsets you will expand your HR capabilities significantly with more digital, data-driven, and business-centered HR practices. The framework consists of three pillars:

Digital HR

Digital HR is about leveraging technology in order to make HR more effective and provide employees with the tools that make them successful and happy at work. HR needs to embrace tools and technology to digitize and transform key HR services and processes.

Employee and business-centered HR practices through EX

Prioritizing business imperatives and putting them at the heart of HR ensures that your HR practices are business-centered. Taking end-user needs as the starting point for designing HR services and processes massively boost the employee experience (EX).

Evidence-based decision-making through HR analytics

Make basic data literacy and a data-driven way of working requirements for anyone working in HR and take gut feeling out of the equation through embedding a culture of evidence-based decision-making throughout HR.


At the Academy to Innovate HR (AIHR), we help organizations transform their HR capabilities by equipping corporate HR professionals with the latest digital skills in areas such as People Analytics, Digital HR, and Employee Experience.

Flexible training to up-skill and re-skill

Accredited self-paced online learning
Save money by upskilling versus hiring new talent
Real-world projects + resource library
Global practitioners support community
Integrate with your local LMS
Management dashboard and implementation support

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