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HR Skills 2025 Competency Framework

Equipping HR teams with modern and hard-to-find skillsets will enable your organization to develop new HR capabilities, resulting in more digital, data-driven, and business-centered HR practices. Download our free HR Capabilities Framework template or get a live demo and start mapping your HR capabilities per COE.


Data Literacy

Data literacy, evidence-based decision-making, and the ability to analyze & interpret data.

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Data Literacy for HR Professionals

HR Analytics Leader

HR Data Analyst

Data Visualization & Storytelling

Statistics in HR

Data Science in R

Global Data Integrity

Building a People Analytics Strategy

Digital Fundamentals

Utilizing digital technology to enable the workforce by choosing and building the right solutions.

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Digital HR Strategy

Digital HR Transformation

Future of Work

Employee Experience & Design Thinking

Blockchain and HR

Business Acumen

Being business-centered is about doing what’s good for the business and focussing on driving business outcomes.

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Business Acumen, Strategy & Basic Finance

Consulting Skills

Strategic HR Metrics


Learning &

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Metrics &

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Compensation &


Talent &

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Diversity &

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Emp. Health &

Leadership &

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Develop T-shaped HR Professionals

In today’s business environment, it’s no longer enough for HR professionals to specialize in one single HR capability. Your people need to become a specialist in at least one capability and a generalist in many others.

Core HR competencies

To drive business value and be successful, every HR professional needs to master at least the basics of core HR competencies, such as:

  • Business acumen to understand business priorities
  • Data literacy in order to make data-driven decisions
  • Digital integration to create digital employee experiences

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