[VIDEO] What will HR Analytics look like in 5 years?

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[VIDEO] What will HR Analytics look like in 5 years?

At HR Tech World in Amsterdam (now UNLEASH), I asked four leading people analytics expert what HR analytics will look like in 5 years. The answers provide a window into the trends that they are seeing on how analytics is developing.

In the video, Laura Stevens, Tom Haak, David Green, and Luk Smeyers see a data-driven future. Tom Haak, a trend watcher, sees data-driven HR as an inevitability.

David agrees with this and notes that everyone in HR has a duty to get familiar with data: “The wide majority of HR will be comfortable talking about data and insight and how it drives business performance and employee experience”, noting that “if we don’t do it, and do it well, then another part of the business will”.

Luk illustrates this with an example from his own consultancy experience about an organization in which 30% of the workforce is outsourced. However, the company has no clue what’s going on in that outsourced workforce…

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The next UNLEASH event will take place in London on March 20 and 21, 2018. The next event in Amsterdam on October 23 and 24, 2018.

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