Video Q&A with 5 HR Analytics Leaders

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Video Q&A with 5 HR Analytics Leaders

There are several great videos about different applications of HR analytics. We have collected the best clips to answer 5 common questions about how to build analytical capabilities, how HR analytics can add to bottom line performance and how Google’s people analytics team recruited and promoted better managers.

What does HR analytics have to do with the company’s bottom line?
David Swanson, global lead SAP HR, offers a new perspective.


What can HR do to create a better environment for data analysists?
Luk Smeyers asks Josh Bersin how to go about creating an HR analytics team


How do HR people get into HR analytics?
David Swanson and Jenny Dearborn provide some great advice.

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Leadership and engagement

Seven out of eight people are disengaged. It is hard to find good leaders who empower their people. This has been called the leadership crisis. How does this impact the workforce and how can HR analytics help to fix it?

Is the leadership crisis fixable?
Simon Sinek answers a question on the leadership crisis: how do we get better leaders and improve engagement?


So, do we actually need managers?
Prasad Setty is Google’s VP of People Analytics & Compensation. His team tried to proof that managers didn’t matter. This is what they found – and how it influenced their recruitment and promotion policies and metrics.

Google’s talent management strategies and analytics are an inspiration for a lot of companies. If you want to learn more about this, check out these 5 online HR analytics courses here.

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