[VIDEO] Benefits of People Analytics for the Employee

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[VIDEO] Benefits of People Analytics for the Employee

Last UNLEASH in London, our good colleague Neelie Verlinden, founder of the Digital HR Tech blog, recorded a few interviews for us with three thought leaders: David Green, Melissa Kantor, and Luk Smeyers.

The first clip is about the benefits of analytics for employees. We published about this two weeks ago in an article titled “People-Centric Analytics: How can Employees Benefit from Data Analysis” by Rob van Dijk and Tony Brugman.

The assumption of this article is that employees should benefit from analytics. Employees will be happy to share personal data if there’s a tangible benefit. This is in line with the first speaker in our video. According to David Green, “if you can’t articulate what the benefits will be to the employees, you almost shouldn’t do it”.

According to Melissa Kantor, head of people data and analytics at Prudential, creating value for the organization and creating value for employees can go hand in hand. Employees benefit when they are successful in their roles, and the right person is in the right role at the right time.

Luk Smeyers refers to this as “data-driven empowerment”, which I think is a brilliant term. This brief clip gives a lot to think about how we can put employees at the center of analytics. You can see the clip below and if you want to read more about it, check the previously mentioned article on people-centric analytics.

The next UNLEASH event is the UNLEASH World Conference & Expo in Amsterdam, October 23-24.

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