The End of The HR Specialist

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The End of The HR Specialist

The End of The HR Specialist | Erik van Vulpen

In this podcast, Erik van Vulpen, founder of AIHR, speaks with HR Leaders about how HR can leverage digital technology to make more impact and the competencies HR professionals need to develop to be more effective. 

Erik shares his insights and advice on the increased need for upskilling and the spike in demand for data-driven decision-making and HR Analytics. The need for transition from HR Specialists to T-shaped HR professionals and the core competencies required for HR to drive the business forward.

In this video, Erik explains:

  • How to leverage data and digital technology to make a difference
  • Who is The T-shaped HR professional
  • What are the 4 core competencies every company needs to explore
  • How to get started with analytics

Find out more about our HR Competency Model Template and HR 2025 Competency Framework

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