How to Leverage Technology & Improve Your Diversity Hiring

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AIHR Learning Bite: How to Leverage Technology & Improve Your Diversity Hiring

Diversity hiring is about much more than ticking boxes. Rather than simply creating the perfect male/female ratio, there’s a strong business rationale behind diversity hiring. Apart from the obvious financial benefits of hiring for diversity, there are other factors to take into account, such as the fact that it can help grow your talent pool; improve employee happiness, productivity, and retention; improves innovation & creativity; optimize your employer brand, and increase your workforce’s range of skills, talents & experiences. 

Since the future is digital, here are some examples of how technology can help you increase the diversity of your workforce:

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI);
  2. Diversifying your job listings via software programs such as Textio;
  3. Use objective assessment programs.

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