3 Steps to Performing a Skills-Gap Analysis

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By 2025 97 million new jobs will emerge, while 85 million jobs will disappear due to the job market’s technological evolution. 

For organizations across all industries, certain jobs will disappear due to automation, while others will change their core tasks and responsibilities. The answer to staying relevant and preparing your workforce for the future is a solid upskilling strategy.

Being aware of the skills and knowledge your workforce currently possesses is vital to your organization’s success. Conducting a skills-gap analysis is a great way to get those insights. 

In this HR learning bite, we cover the benefits of conducting a skills-gap analysis, and we identify the 3 essential steps for an effective skills-gap analysis:

  • Scope and diagnostics
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Designing interventions

Download our step-by-step pdf guide to identifying the biggest gaps in the skill set of your workforce. Or read the full article on doing a skills gap analysis.

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Skills Gap Analysis Guide

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