Stakeholder Management Playbook

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Stakeholder management is a crucial skill for effective HR leaders. Download our free guide and learn how to increase your project's chances of success.

Stakeholder Management Playbook

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Stakeholder Management Playbook

It doesn’t matter whether you’re implementing a new digital HR strategy or optimizing your recruitment process: to ensure the success of your projects, you need to understand your stakeholders and how to work with them. 

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  • Conduct a stakeholder analysis to understand and map key stakeholders 
  • Create a stakeholder communication plan 
  • Increase the effectiveness of your HR projects and make even more of an impact on your organization

Stakeholder management is crucial for effective HR leaders

During times of change, getting people involved in your effort can make or break your project.

Consider this: lack of support from sponsors is among the top ten primary reasons for projects to fail, according to PMI.   

But the value of your stakeholders goes even further than that. When you effectively manage your stakeholders, you can use their input to define and outline your project and, crucially,  secure the support and resources you need.

Moreover, it also helps you anticipate your stakeholder’s reactions to your project as it develops, helping you keep your project’s path to completion as smooth as possible. 

Improve your stakeholder management skills in 6 steps 

This playbook explains step-by-step how to conduct a stakeholder analysis and create a stakeholder communication plan. 

After reading this concise and practical guide, you’ll be able to understand and map your key stakeholders, and use your stakeholder analysis to create a customized and effective communication plan. 

Phase 1. Stakeholder analysis 

  • Step 1: Listing stakeholders 
    Identify the people who are affected by and interested in your project 
  • Step 2: Categorizing stakeholders
    How can you prioritize key stakeholders? 
  • Step 3: Qualifying stakeholders 
    Assess your stakeholders in three essential dimensions 

The full guide contains more details, examples, and the steps for creating an effective stakeholder communication plan. Simply fill in the form and get immediate access to your Stakeholder Management Playbook via email, and make your next project an even bigger success.

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Stakeholder Management Playbook

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Stakeholder Management Playbook

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