Skills Gap Analysis Guide

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Identify the skills your employees need to achieve business objectives, regardless of how their jobs evolve over time.

Skills Gap Analysis Guide

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Skills Gap Analysis Guide

Here, you have a step-by-step guide on how to carry out a thorough skills gap analysis. Conducting a skills gap analysis is your first step in order to help your workforce upskill and future-proof their career. And with this step-by-step guide, you are one step closer to identifying the skills your employees need to succeed.

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  • Identify the most important trends and developments affecting your business
  • Determine the essential skills and knowledge your employees are currently missing
  • Address your organization’s existing and future skill gaps 

Why L&D needs to act now 

87% of executives say they are experiencing skills gaps in the workforce (McKinsey, 2020). 

This is not surprising since 54% of all workers need to update or replace their competencies by 2022 (WEF, 2018). 

It’s clear: this is an urgent matter for organizations across all industries. Jobs will disappear or fundamentally change due to automation and other advancements in technology.

Future-proof your workforce today 

In this five-step guide, we explain how to identify the knowledge and competencies that your employees need to succeed now and in the (very near) future. 

The Skills Gap Analysis in 5 Steps:

    In this critical first step, you will lay the foundation for the project’s success.
    Discover which factors are going to shape the future of your workforce.
    Analyze what the trends mean to your organization — and how L&D can help.
    Calculate the size of the future workforce using the predicted changes in work.
    In the final workshop, you will perform the analysis and create an action plan.

Fill out the form above and download your guide to ensure that your workforce and organization thrive today and in the future! 

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Skills Gap Analysis Guide

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Skills Gap Analysis Guide

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