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Take your People Analytics knowledge, initiatives, and results to the next level with our People Analytics library.

People Analytics Resource Library

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People Analytics Resource Library

Whether you are a People Analytics beginner or a seasoned professional, having all the relevant resources from the field of People Analytics offers a lot of value. 

We’ve created a list of key HR analytics resources (90+ of them, to be exact) that will help you improve your People Analytics expertise and initiatives. 

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  • Get access to a collection of resources guaranteed to boost your People Analytics game 
  • Be exposed to different types of resources, from books and reports to videos and industry standards 
  • Own the data and insights you need to to take your People Analytics initiatives to the next level

People Analytics is growing stronger than ever 

In just five years, the number of HR professionals with data analytics skills has grown by 242% (LinkedIn 2020 Global Talent Trends). 

Impressive as it is, this number is hardly surprising given the business impact potential of People Analytics. Not when 70% of company executives consider people analytics as a top priority.

With the majority of large organizations having People Analytics teams, it’s incredibly useful for you to have 90+ essential People Analytics resources at your fingertips to boost the effectiveness of your initiatives.  

Your People Analytics one-stop-shop

Gone are the days when you have to open up dozens of tabs on your browser and spend hours searching for that one book that you really need.

With this library, you’ll have access to: 

  • A book list containing titles on the topics of HR analytics basics, predictive analytics, and People Analytics metrics
  • Some of the most impactful and actionable People Analytics articles written in the last decade
  • The most-cited academic papers on People Analytics

And much more! So download your resource library and get access to all the People Analytics resources that you need right now!

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People Analytics Resource Library

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People Analytics Resource Library

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