The Peer Interview: a Practical Guide for HR

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What can you do to minimize the risk of hiring the wrong person for a job? Today, many companies are working hard on improving their quality of hire, and one successful method is the peer interview. Organizations like Facebook, Google, and Gitlab are known for using peer interview practices to assess culture fit. 

So what is a peer interview? As the name suggests, it’s an interview between a candidate and their future colleagues. The peer interview can add a lot of value to the recruitment and selection process, helping companies get a comprehensive view of their candidates. 

In this video, we take a deep dive into peer interviews, their pros and cons, and how to design an effective peer interview process in 9 steps:

  1. Develop a standardized process
  2. Determine who participates in the process
  3. Set clear requirements and evaluation criteria 
  4. Prepare relevant peer interview questions
  5. Train your interviewers
  6. Create a pleasant setting 
  7. Leave space for candidate questions 
  8. Choose wisely when to conduct the peer interviews
  9. Lastly, continue iterating the peer interview process

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