[VIDEO] What are you most Excited About in People Analytics?

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[VIDEO] What are you most Excited About in People Analytics?

Last HR Tech World (now Unleash), we interviewed some of the leading experts in the field of people analytics. One of the questions we asked was: what are you most excited about in HR analytics?

This is the first piece of a four-part video series. In this series, we spoke to different experts, including David Green, Luc Smeyers, Jouko van Aggelen and Tom Haak.

What are the experts most excited about?

The fun thing is that when you ask different experts in the same field, the same question, you get similar answers.

Laura Stevens, senior analyst at iNostix by Deloitte, mentions the transformation of HR from a more process-oriented function to a more employee-centric workplace. This transformation helps the organization to understand the employees’ needs, pains, and frustrations.

Jouko van Aggelen mentions the challenges of finding the right people for existing jobs – and connecting people to the right job. Data helps us to understand what talent is. How do we identify talent and how can that help our hiring process?

Tom Haak agrees that you need to figure out what good performance is. Once you know that, you can easily find the right people on the labor market.

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David Green concludes that analytics can help to solve the productivity problem. This is not only on an individual level but also on an organizational level. HR analytics helps businesses to get better outcomes, create more impact, and improve the employee experience.

Through analytics, David continues, we can create a more employee-centric workplace. This is in line with what Laura started with: HR analytics helps to create an employee-centric workplace that’s better for all of us.

Check the interview below!

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