5 Steps to Improve How You Measure Employee Engagement

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AIHR Learning Bite: 5 Steps to Improve How You Measure Employee Engagement

A global pandemic has changed many things. Even though we don’t know exactly how the world of work will look, one thing is for sure: we cannot expect it to return to “normal”.

We are in a period of transformation, where the new normal will certainly include some form of flexible or remote work. This makes it more important than ever to understand your employee engagement level. 

Companies are now making it their mission to find the best approach to measure and understand the data yielded from their employee engagement surveys. Why? Because high engagement means higher productivity, lower turnover, and increased revenue.  

To get started, check out this Learning Bite on 5 best practices for measuring employee engagement.  

In this bite, we discuss: 

  • Which engagement scales to use for your survey
  • Whether to guarantee confidentiality or anonymity for your employees
  • How to inspire your employees to take the survey 

Along with other practices and advice. 

Find out more in our in-depth article on measuring employee engagement

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