Leadership Succession Planning: Best Practices

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Leadership Succession Planning: Best Practices

How do you make sure you have the right leaders in place at your organization? In this interview, Sankalp Sharma, Head of Talent Management at Signify, provides insights into the stages of succession planning: making sure you have the right leadership bench, with the right capabilities, and leveraging the diversity of the workforce for succession. 

In this video, we talk about:

  • The stages of Succession Planning at Signify
  • Signify’s Leadership journey after splitting from Royal Philips
  • Skills & competencies leaders need

And much more!

Keep in mind that the leadership style you choose has to align with the business reality you operate in. The requirements for the leaders’ profile change with the nuances of the business, the market, and their function.

Technology can help you automate a big part of your succession planning process, such as discovering weak spots and improvement points, leveraging diversity, and understanding the future leaders’ profiles better.

Watch the full video and discover the importance of ensuring the right leaders with the right capabilities to drive your business agenda.

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