Introducing the new and improved Academy Portal

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Introducing the new and improved Academy Portal

Since the launch of the Academy to Innovate HR (AIHR Academy) in 2016, we have been devoted to continuous improvement. In order to innovate in HR and provide our students with the most up-to-date information, we are keen on staying ahead of trends and developments.

This commitment is reflected in our course offering – which is constantly growing, our existing courses – to which we are constantly adding new lessons and bonus material, and our e-learning platform – on which all the action happens.

This is why we are happy to announce today the release of our new and improved learning portal.

A place to connect and collaborate

La pièce de résistance of our new portal and the feature we’re most proud of is the Practitioners Community – a place where practitioners from all over the world share their challenges and accomplishments, work together and find thought-provoking conversations.

The community is bound to enhance our students’ learning experience and accelerate their learning curve. With the many practical assignments in our courses, it can be incredibly useful to engage in constructive discussion with fellow students.

The community is a place where students can return to even after completing the courses to find support and advice for the next step in their mission to make HR more data-driven and digital.

A personal touch

With the new Community, students can get to know each other and build a long-lasting professional support network. To facilitate this, students can now add a mini-bio, a profile picture, and write a short introduction about their background and their goals.

On-demand resources

Another great feature of the new platform is what we call the resource library. Our courses are filled with reading and bonus material to guide students through their learning journey.

Nevertheless, to do justice to the high volume of new material and new research conducted within HR every day, we decided to create the largest repository of data-driven and digital HR resources ever curated.

Our library comprises case studies, software, tools, research papers, assessments, webinars and videos. You name it, we have it! The resource library has everything; something for every step of the learning journey.

On-call support team

In addition to all the new features, we also wanted to improve our support center. Our courses are online and self-paced, so it’s very important that our students can access support with just one click.

The new Academy portal boasts an easy-to-use chat for precisely this reason. Students can privately chat with the other community members and with the support team to answer any questions or resolve technical issues quickly, without even leaving the platform.


Last but not least, we wanted to offer our students more flexibility in accessing the courses anytime, anywhere, from any device. As such, besides it being fully responsive across all tablets and smartphones, our new learning portal is now also available as an app for mobile devices.

We know our students are busy professionals and can’t always block time in their busy schedules to complete some lessons. The app makes it easier than ever to consume the bite-sized lessons we all know and love. When commuting or on the go, students can pop open the app and continue where they left off.

Are you excited about the advantages the new platform offers? Great! Check out our course selection and enroll today.


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