Why HR Business Partners Need to be Business Shapers

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Why HR Business Partners Need to be Business Shapers

Why HR Business Partners need to be Business Shapers | Charles Henri Besseyre Des Horts

In this video, Charles-Henri Besseyre Des Horts, Emeritus Professor at HEC Paris, shares his insights on the HR Business Partner role and the integration of business strategy with people management practices. Chares-Henri explains how HRBPs can turn into business shapers, provide value, and influence the business on a strategic level.

Human Resources is often seen as separate from the business. However, HR can and should have a strong influential role within the business.

In this interview, Charles-Henri discusses:

  • HR Business Partners as business shapers
  • What skills HRBPs need to become business shapers
  • How HR can build credibility with the business
  • The role of HR in facilitating cooperation in the digital world


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