The HR Talent Management Model

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AIHR Learning Bite: The HR Talent Management Model

This talent management model shows how you can get the most out of the talent in your organization. This can be done by following the next five phases:

  1.  Acquisition: This is all about driving visitors to the organization.
  2.  Activation: This is the first value experience that is exchanged between the organization and the customer. This can be a customer that leaves their email address in exchange for a monthly newsletter, for example, or a customer walking into a brick-and-mortar shop..
  3.  Revenue: The first and most important of the R’s. Revenue is about getting customers to make a purchasing decision. Needless to say, this is the lifeblood of any business.
  4.  Referral: Referral is about how to get customers to share others about your organization and your product or service. It is about customers generating more customers.
  5. Retention: How do you retain those buying customers so they come back and buy again? This is about increasing the lifetime value of the customer.

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