8 HR Metrics for Organizational Development

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Does your organization have what it takes to thrive in today's dynamic and unpredictable marketplace?

8 HR Metrics for Organizational Development

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8 HR Metrics for Organizational Development

In this guide we’ve listed 8 strategic Organizational Development HR metrics that help you manage your organization’s ability to change.

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  • Why Organizational Development metrics matter
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Organizational Development is a must in today’s business environment

In today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world where disruption is a constant threat, the ability to change is crucial to survival.

This is why Organizational Development – a powerful process that can help your organization thrive in the future of work – is becoming a top priority.

Manage your organization’s ability to change

In this guide we have listed 8 strategic HR metrics designed for Organizational Development, to help you manage your organization’s effectiveness and ability to change.

Each metric includes a clear explanation, and a practical example of how to calculate it, so that you can easily use these HR metrics in your own organization.

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51 HR Metrics cheat sheet

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5 Areas to Monitor with HR Metrics:

    How many of your employees are ready to drive innovation and change?
    Are key managers able to effect change?
    Are your critical HR processes designed to enhance employee effectiveness?
    Does your workforce adopt and further innovation?
    Do your employees feel empowered and supported by organizational processes?

Download your Strategic HR Metrics for Organizational Design cheat sheet and find out how to monitor the success of your OD initiatives.

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8 HR Metrics for Organizational Development

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8 HR Metrics for Organizational Development

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