HR Digital Transformation: the Practical Guide

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Embracing digital transformation in HR is not a question of why, but how. Download the practical guide to Digital HR Transformation and get up to speed.

HR Digital Transformation: the Practical Guide

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HR digital transformation is a hot topic for many HR professionals. And for good reason, since digital technology has the potential and ability to transform HR as we know it. But how can you implement it? 

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  • How you can lead your organization through the digital revolution 
  • How you can approach a project of this size and importance 
  • All the step-by-step instructions and practical how-tos that you’ll need 

Digital transformation is inevitable 

Digital HR transformation isn’t optional. 

Organizations that ignore digital transformation risk falling prey to disruption, and recent years have shown us that no one is too big to be disrupted . 

And it was only a matter of time before digital transformation reached HR.

And yet…

74% of companies do not achieve digital transformation success (McKinsey, 2018). How can you make sure your organization is part of the 26% that do succeed?

We have created a comprehensive and highly practical guide to HR digital transformation to help you do just that.

In this 40+ page guide, you will find the 6 stages of Digital Transformation, how they apply to the 6 key components of Digital HR and practical implementation advice.

The 6 stages of Digital Transformation organizations go through:

    HR acts on the belief that current solutions will remain relevant in the future.
    Various experiments throughout the organization drive digital literacy & creativity.
    Experimentation becomes intentional and there is more support from leadership.
    Most digital HR initiatives are executed by multidisciplinary project teams.
    A dedicated digital transformation team guides digital support of HR strategy and operations.
    Digital transformation becomes a continuous process.

Download your free copy today and learn how to lead your organization through its digital transformation journey.

HR Digital Transformation: the Practical Guide

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HR Digital Transformation: the Practical Guide

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