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Find out how you can help your organization turn obstacles into opportunities as an HR Business Partner.

HR Business Partner Resource Library

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HR Business Partner Resource Library

HR Business Partners have always played a crucial role in enabling organizations to hit their strategic goals. 

Whether you are a new or seasoned Business Partner, the current business landscape is challenging to navigate. That’s why we have compiled a selection of resources that can help you better understand the challenges you and your organization are facing.

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  • 35+ reports, articles, and other resources that will enable you to add more value to your organization 
  • Insight into key competencies and HR topics to increase the strategic importance of your work as an HR Business Partner 
  • The data and knowledge you need to become a well-rounded and future-proof HRBP

Strategic HR Business Partners are crucial to an organization’s success

Research from Gartner shows that high-performing HRBPs help increase: 

  • Employee performance: 22% 
  • Employee retention: 24% 
  • Revenue: 7% 
  • Profit: 9%

To help your organization reap these benefits, as an (aspiring) HR Business Partner, you will need to develop both core HRBP competencies and a deep understanding of key HR topics that play a critical role in your strategic work. 

As such, we’ve put together a selection of 38 essential HRBPs resources to help you take your HR Business Partner role to the next level. 

Your HR Business Partner Resource Library 

From the strategic role of the HR Business Partner to communication skills and the future of work, this resource library has everything you need to help you make an impact. 

You’ll have access to: 

  • A collection of reports detailing how you can add even more strategic value to your organization in an environment of disruption 
  • Articles that will help you develop data literacy, a core HR Business Partner competency 
  • In-depth guides on how to create an employee experience that will increase the performance of the individual and the organization 

Download your copy and get access to essential reports, articles and videos that will help you become a successful and future-proof HR Business Partner. 

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HR Business Partner Resource Library

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HR Business Partner Resource Library

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