HR Analytics Case Study Collection

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In this case study collection we have gathered some of the best HR Analytics case studies we’ve come across in the past years. Each one connected to a specific business imperative.

HR Analytics Case Study Collection

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HR Analytics Case Study Collection

HR Analytics is a hot topic in HR. Being an emerging field, it’s important to show the value it can deliver to organizations.

From predicting who will quit, to automated listening during a hostile takeover, here are the 13 case studies that demonstrate what HR professionals can accomplish with the right analytical skills.

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HR Analytics is growing stronger than ever

HR Analytics, also called People Analytics, is becoming more and more popular.

In just five years, the number of HR professionals with data analytics skills has grown by 242% (LinkedIn 2020 Global Talent Trends).

Impressive as it is, this number is hardly surprising given the business impact potential of People Analytics.

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People Analytics Resource Library

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Leveraging HR Analytics for Business Impact

Using HR Analytics to your advantage is hardly a question of why, but rather how.

Fortunately for you, you won’t have to worry about building everything up from scratch. Not when you have a whole collection of successful case studies at your disposal. Here are 13 of the best HR Analytics case studies to check out:

    Saving money by predicting who will quit
    Relating store income with engagement
    Cutting cost with natural attrition
    Doubling customer satisfaction
    Getting ahead of employee attrition
    Testing employee training effectiveness
  • E.ON
    Tackling employee absence
    Employee engagement
    Reducing regrettable attrition
    Automated listening during a hostile takeover
    Opening a new office
    Improving the assessment process
    Reducing key role turnover

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HR Analytics Case Study Collection

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HR Analytics Case Study Collection

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