How HR Analytics Impacts Business Strategy & Leadership

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How HR Analytics Impacts Business Strategy & Leadership

How HR Analytics Impacts Business Strategy & Leadership | Florian Schubert

In this video, Florian Schubert, Head of HR IT at HDI Group, shares his insights on the vast opportunities People Analytics can provide to businesses. Organizations need to consider the added value of People Analytics when answering strategic questions and tackling top priorities such as leadership. People Analytics can help secure organizations’ future strategies.

Leadership has been a top priority for many organizations, and People Analytics can play an important role in accomplishing this goal. Leadership effectiveness can be measured by collecting relevant feedback data.

In this interview, Florian explains:

  • The alignment between HR-IT infrastructure and HR Analytics
  • How to get started with collecting & reporting People Analytics data
  • How to collect the data you will need in the future
  • How to systematically collect data about leadership

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