How To Improve the Business Impact of Employee Experience

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AIHR Learning Bite: How To Improve the Business Impact of Employee Experience

The employee experience is how employees feel about what they encounter and observe over the course of their employee journey in an organization. 

Companies that provide a great employee experience work with user-friendly software and have optimized human resources processes. This allows employees to spend their time on the things that matter to them and to get work done faster.

Research by Jacob Morgan has shown that companies that invest in their employee experience outperform their competitors that don’t: they grow 1.5 times faster, produce more than double the revenue, and are 4 times more profitable. 

When we try to understand the employee experience there are three key elements that we need to grasp: software systems, processes, and culture. In order to improve the employee experience, companies need to take a good look at the state of these three categories in the current organization and how they align with each other.

Find out more in our in-depth article on improving employee experience.

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