Guide to Measuring Learning Effectiveness

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Gain insight into what works and what doesn't in your Learning & Development initiatives. This guide explores in detail how you can use data to measure the effectiveness of your L&D programs.

Guide to Measuring Learning Effectiveness

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Guide to Measuring Learning Effectiveness

The first step towards better L&D outcomes is understanding where you need to improve. Measuring the effectiveness of your training will provide you with the insights you need to make impactful changes. 

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  • Understand how you can apply the Kirkpatrick model to track the outcome of your training program 
  • Find out how to calculate vital L&D metrics
  • Receive tips and best practices to ensure the success of your measurement plan

Why should you measure? 

Only 12% of employees apply new skills learned in L&D programs to their jobs (HBR). 

Are you confident that your Learning and Development initiatives are part of that 12%? And do you have the data to back it up? 

L&D professionals who can track the business results of their programs report having a higher satisfaction with their services, more executive support, and continued and increased resources for L&D investments. 

Key Learning Effectiveness Metrics

Do you find yourself struggling to determine which metrics will help you track the success of your Learning and Development initiatives? This free guide will help you up to speed with information on:

  • Using the Kirkpatrick model as the basis for your metrics
  • Explanations and formulas for metrics that will grant insight into L&D’s performance
  • Best practices for measuring learning effectiveness

And more information to help get your Learning and Development metrics project up and running. Get direct access to your guide now and learn how to distill insights from L&D data.

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Guide to Measuring Learning Effectiveness

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Guide to Measuring Learning Effectiveness

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