How To Engage Millennials In Employee Wellness Programs [INFOGRAPHIC]

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How To Engage Millennials In Employee Wellness Programs [INFOGRAPHIC]

Employee health and wellness is an increasingly important topic for HR. When you look at some of the benefits of an employee wellness program it’s easy to see why: not only does a wellness program boost employee happiness and health – which makes them more productive and less likely to leave – it also has a positive impact on your employer brand. There are heaps of different employee wellness programs examples varying from a built-in office sauna and a wellness allowance to unlimited time off and a nap room.

But how do you engage your (millennial) workforce in your workplace wellness program?

It’s one thing to create the most incredible wellness offer for your employees, getting them involved so that they can reap the benefits of it is an entirely different thing. The infographic below gives you a couple of practical pointers. And although it specifically mentions millennials, I think most of these tips probably apply to every employee, regardless of their generation.

Infographic on how to engage millennials

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