Diversity & Inclusion Survey Guide

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Diversity and Inclusion projects can be challenging, especially if you're tasked with the first such project within your organization. So where do you get started?

Diversity & Inclusion Survey Guide

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Diversity & Inclusion Survey Guide

How about this step-by-step guide on how to successfully conduct a D&I survey? Download this practical guide to find out how you can gather the data you need to help your organization become more inclusive.

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  • How inclusive your organization is 
  • How to gather clear and actionable data for your D&I initiatives
  • How you can make your workplace more welcoming and inclusive for all 

The business case for D&I 

White, heterosexual men are 13% more likely to say that their day-to-day work experience is free of bias compared to employees with diverse backgrounds (Harvard Business Review).

The implication of this research is that your organization may have inclusivity blind spots that affect your employees and your overall business. After all, companies with a diverse workforce are 35% more likely to have better financial returns (McKinsey) and up to 32.2% higher IPO/acquisition success rates (Harvard Business Review).

But how do you determine if action is needed, and how do you plan your next steps?

Conducting your D&I survey

In this guide, we explain how to conduct a Diversity & Inclusion survey that will grant insight into the inclusivity of your organization. We also explain the difference between diversity and inclusion, and explore the many benefits of building an inclusive organizational culture.

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D&I Survey Guide

D&I is a demonstrated benefit to business. Download your free guide to help identify inclusivity blind spots that may affect your employees and your business.

Conducting a D&I Survey in 5 Steps:

    Make sure that you get the right stakeholders on board with convincing data.
    Ask the right questions to get the data you need for an effective D&I strategy.
    Make sure your data is reliable while avoiding survey fatigue among your employees.
    Dive into your data to find out where you’re doing well — and where you can improve.
    Plan your next steps and effectively communicate them with the organization.

And so much more! Get access to this step-by-step guide by filling in the form above and kickstart your D&I initiatives today!

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Diversity & Inclusion Survey Guide

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Diversity & Inclusion Survey Guide

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