Time to Celebrate: Digital HR Tech becomes AIHR Digital

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Time to Celebrate: Digital HR Tech becomes AIHR Digital

Today is a big day for us here at Digital HR Tech: We announced that we’ve been acquired by the Academy to Innovate HR (AIHR) and will continue as AIHR Digital.

A few words on what this means going forward.

What is the Academy to Innovate HR (AIHR)?

AIHR is a one-stop-shop for HR professionals: it’s an Academy, a Community, a free knowledge sharing platform, and an HR Analytics hub.

At the Academy, any HR professional who is committed to life-long learning can expand their skill set with relevant and in-demand skills.

Through their very successful blog, AIHR Analytics, AIHR has been facilitating the free sharing of knowledge, best practices, and success stories across a global audience of well over 1,500,000 HR Professionals for the past three years.

HR Analytics is about leveraging the power of data to make decisions that drive better outcomes for organizations and their employees. AIHR Analytics is the leading blog on people analytics/HR analytics.

Does this change anything about the content we publish at Digital HR Tech?

One word: no. We’ll continue to publish high-quality articles and video content about the latest developments in HR tech, best practices and the future of work written by experts from all over the world.

Then why this decision?

Because both the folks at AIHR and we, here at Digital HR Tech, have the same mission: to future-proof HR and equip HR professionals around the world with the necessary tools, knowledge, and skills to do so.

Which is why we decided to join forces and combine our resources.

Together, we’ll be able to create and distribute highly relevant online programs for HR professionals. Our online offerings are complementary since AIHR historically focused more on analytics while Digital HR Tech focuses on broader digital skills.

We are very excited about this new chapter in our adventure and we look forward to seeing you back here on AIHR Digital!

For more information, see our press release or the full article on AIHR.

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