8 data-driven culture posters

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Create a culture of data-driven decision-making throughout HR by changing your colleagues' mindset with these inspirational posters.

8 data-driven culture posters

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8 data-driven culture posters

Want to use awareness to help build a data-driven culture? Draw attention to the great work your HR analytics team is doing? Or simply add a little color to your workspace? Download your set of 8 data-driven culture posters and add some analytics inspiration to your walls.

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Posters to promote a data-driven mindset

You’ve probably read the People Analytics success stories: companies saving millions by reducing turnover, successfully identifying the drivers of absenteeism, and more. If you want to achieve the same kind of results, you will need more than just your HR analytics expertise.

You need a data-driven culture.

With these posters, you can both raise awareness for your HR analytics work, and promote a more data-driven mindset among your colleagues — without taking your attention away from your core tasks.

Fill out the form above and feel free to use these posters anywhere you see fit. The documents are created in A2 format and are ready to send to any printshop.

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8 data-driven culture posters

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8 data-driven culture posters

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