Vaynermedia: Creating a Culture of Champions from a Human Perspective

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Vaynermedia: Creating a culture of champions from a human perspective | Claude Silver

In this interview, Claude Silver, Chief Heart Officer at VaynerMedia explains how organizations can cultivate a culture of champions and what is the future of HR management. Claude further shares her insights on strategic HR management from a human perspective.

HR Professionals’ role is rapidly shifting to a more strategic level, where business acumen is as important as HR knowledge. To succeed, organizations need to Integrate their business strategy with management practices and turn the company culture into a “We” culture.

Claude explains:

  • How to continuously scale but keep the human perspective in mind
  • How strategic HRM can contribute to the scaling of the company
  • How to switch from HR as an operational role to a strategic role
  • The future of collaboration between CHRO & CFO & CEO
  • And much more!

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