Centralized HR Services: Best Practices

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Why did Hewlett Packard remove the field HR function at their company, and what’s the new role of HR Services? In this interview, Addie van Rooij, VP People Operations at Hewlett Packard, talks about transforming HR Services from having a strictly operational role to being the new strategic partner and a valued source of information, analytics, and strategy.

Van Rooij zooms in on their new approach to HR solutions, building centralized service lines that specialize in offering personalized & contextualized support for employees and managers. 

In this video, we discuss:

  • How to provide a personalized offering to employees with the help of digitalization
  • How this system changes the role of HR
  • What HR competencies are needed in this new HR function

Watch the full video to discover why it’s time for HR professionals to move away from having solely transactional and operational capabilities and develop analytical and project management skills.

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