HR Analytics is a topic that’s rising in popularity among HR professionals. Analytics in HR aims to be the leading platform about this subject. Below you can find all the articles we ever published. Our articles are written by a set of dedicated writers with experience in applying analytics within companies. Check the different kinds kinds of articles below:

Our basic explainers explain what HR analytics is all about, like what is HR analytics? and an extensive article on what predictive analytics are and how they can be applied in HR. This article includes 7 case studies and a tutorial!
Business cases:
We also write about business cases. These articles show the relevance and added value of analytics, like our business case on employee turnover and absenteeism.
Case studies:
Besides business cases, we publish case studies like how hr analytics reduced workplace accidents and how it increased sales performance by utilizing smart psychometric tests. Lastly, we also write practical tutorials, like how to analyze employee churn by using R. Other practical articles are about HR metrics (part 1 and part 2).
Learnings from projects:
Lastly we love to share our learnings with you. An interesting read is our article on 5 Reasons Why HR Analytics Projects Fail. The article will help you prevent the most common traps in analytics projects.

You can find a full list of our HR analytics articles below. Enjoy!

Introduction to Cultural Analytics, its implications and use cases

Today’s world is more interconnected than ever before, across continents, companies, institutions, generations and cultures. But how do we handle the increased speed and pressure that accompanies this interconnectedness? In this article I will review the topic of culture and launch the concept of cultural analytics using multiple examples. When leveraged correctly, cultural analytics can…

Creating Value With Fact-Based HR

Imagine you gain key insights into your people by measuring and analyzing what matters to your organization. Imagine that these insights are actually used by your people in their day-to-day business and operations. And, imagine that these key insights on your people then have a profound impact on the success of your organization. Utopia, or…

Absence and the Bradford Factor

How to Leverage the Bradford Factor to get a Grip on Employee Absence

Human resource practitioners are continuously developing tools and technology to help maximize employee performance to achieve organizational goals more efficiently. One of the most commonly used HR tools today is the Bradford Factor. In this article, I will explain what the Bradford Factor is and why you should use it to manage employee absence. What is…