The Best Articles on the Employee Experience

Managing the employee experience is one of the most important factors for good Human Resource Management (HRM). On this page, you will find the most relevant articles related to employee experience that we’ve published on this platform.

Although all the articles below touch upon the employee experience, some touch more on the topic than others. Below you will find a brief list of the most relevant articles:

  • A Complete Guide to the Employee Experience
    This is our flagship article about the employee experience. Most of your questions will be answered once you’ve read this article.
  • Get Your Employee Experience Right (And Your CX Will Follow)
    Consistently delivering a great customer experience requires motivated and engaged employees – and thus a great employee experience. This article answers how we should do this.
  • Measuring the Customer Experience of HR (Why and How)
    Volker Jacobs is one of the founding fathers of the employee experience. In this article, he talks about the Customer Experience of HR and how this relates to the employee’s experience. The article offers a number of practical guides for measuring these experiences.
  • The Journey towards an Agile HR Function
    The employee experience is key in agile HR. This article offers a number of approaches to follow to implement agile HR in an organization. The article demonstrates that for each of these steps, the experience of the employee is key.
  • 3 Tips to Create a Better Employee Experience (That Drives Engagement)
    This article provides 3 tips to create a better employee experience. First, do the research! An evidence-based approach will yield more results than ‘going with the flow’. Second, it is important to know where you want to go: define the employee experience that you wish to create. Third, look for gaps that need to be addressed to get there. This article provides a number of practical tips to upping your employee experience game!
  • What Benefits Do Employees Value Most
    One of the key ways of improving the employee experience is by listening to the employees. This is what this article focuses. By figuring out what benefits employees value most, the experience can be vastly improved with little effort.
  • How Employee Journey Mapping can Change the Employee Experience
    Another effective way to greatly improve the employee experience is by going over the employee journey. What are the moments that matter to the employee? By tracking these moments and improving them, the employee experience will greatly improve. This article shows that not all moments are the same. For example, the first day at work is more important than the second day in terms of experience. This article provides some great tips on how to maximize the employee experience.

These and the other articles below show a great overview of everything we have on the employee experience. Happy reading

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