Niki Kastelijn is an HRIT consultant/transformation manager with 12 years’ experience in technology projects and HR. He has built, designed and implemented HR processes and related technologies for large companies. He loves to work in an agile and controlled way. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Tako Zoutman is an independent consultant, specialized in HR, Tech and Transformation. He has over 20 years’ experience in HR and has been responsible for large teams and transformation projects to improve efficiency, HR portals, outsourcing & offshoring of support processes and People Analytics. He loves innovation but takes care of results.

Implementing Digital HR Initiatives; an Opportunity or a Disaster

Implementing Digital HR Initiatives: an Opportunity or a Disaster?

In our daily practice, we see organizations working on projects around HR Technologies. HR Tech is trending and big business in the market. Solution providers are promoting and predicting large positive impacts of implementing their technologies.  Often, these technologies are introduced as a solution to all problems. Of course, mobile availability, the current permanent online…