André Vermeij is the founder and owner of Kenedict Innovation Analytics. Operating internationally, Kenedict focuses on applying Network Analytics to data sources in a variety of application areas, including HR, Collaboration, Innovation, Procurement and Open Data. Using fully interactive visual analytics powered by tooling developed in-house, Kenedict allows its clients to explore their data from a whole new angle and uncover the actual relationships between data points in an intuitive way. You can reach him via email at [email protected]

HR analytics and Social network analysis by André Vermeij

Network Analytics on HR Data: A Practical Perspective and 3 Case Studies

Have you always wanted to measure collaboration within your company and improve your decision-making accordingly? Network analytics can guide you on your way. This post includes 3 case studies and a fully interactive visualization to get you started. Internal and external communication and collaboration within and between organisations have traditionally been hard to measure. Interestingly,…