Announcing the Digital HR Certification Program

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Announcing the Digital HR Certification Program

The Academy to Innovate HR (AIHR) is thrilled to introduce the world’s first Digital HR Certification Program.

The Certification Program aims to prepare HR professionals to deal effectively with the organizational and workforce-related changes brought on by the digital transformation of HR.

Having trained thousands of professionals in the field of HR Analytics, we have noticed a need for ‘digital’ solutions to be implemented throughout HR. Technology makes managing human resources both easier and more complex. The latest innovations and data are readily available and those who know how to leverage their power will be the leaders of tomorrow.

As such, the Academy to Innovate HR (AIHR) has chosen to expand its online course offering beyond HR analytics into the broader Digital HR area of expertise. Tools based on automation, robotization and AI are transforming our organizations, our jobs, and the skills we need to perform them. The Digital HR Certification Program comes in response to the need of HR professionals to expand their skill sets with skills that allow them to become frontrunners of this digital transformation and lead us into the workplace of the future.

The Certification Program comprises five courses and a capstone project. Engaging video lessons provide in-depth knowledge and industry-leading expertise. While the assignments and capstone projects offer the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with digital HR related projects and build a portfolio.

Graduates of this program will have become accredited Digital HR Specialists, able to leverage innovation and technology in order to make HR more effective, drive better business value, and provide employees with the tools that make them successful and happy at their work.

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