AIHR LIVE – Episode 2 Interview with Vlad Sterngold from

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AIHR LIVE – Episode 2 Interview with Vlad Sterngold from

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing Vlad Sterngold, director people analytics & research at, an online booking travel platform with over 17,000 employees. Vlad and I spoke about the milestones of his people analytics journey at According to Vlad: “there are just many small steps and as long as they are executed well, you learn from it, then you’re building a whole journey”.

In our interview, Vlad tells about these different steps, including how to create a data-driven company, learning as a PA practitioner, how to cope with failure, how to find front-line problems to solve, and how to involve the entire company in the people analytics process. Happy watching.

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