The 6 Effective Habits You Need to Master if You Work from Home

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The 6 Effective Habits You Need to Master if You Work from Home

Working online from home seems the new holy grail for many of us. We may not want to do it full-time, but we at least want the possibility to work outside the office whenever it pleases us. In fact, it’s one of the employee benefits staff values most when they’re choosing a company to work for. And a not to be underestimated one too, since employees that are allowed to be working online from home generally are a lot happier with their job than those who aren’t.

With a stay-at-home set-up comes a whole range of new challenges though. Where most modern offices are fully equipped with the right, posture responsible office chairs, desks, and screens, most homes aren’t. And as comfortable and appealing as that sofa looks, it’s not the best piece of furniture to be working on. Not to mention the many exciting distractions waiting for you to jump right in – or not (think Netflix, that load of whites that needs washing or those plants that look like they need immediate watering).

Whether you are an experienced freelancer, a first-time full-timer or somewhere in-between, a healthy reminder about homeworking habits doesn’t hurt. If anything, it’s a nice break from that project you’ve been working on for too many hours now anyway…

6 Highly Effective Healthy Habits of Working Online (Infographic)

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